Friday, September 6, 2019

Uc-Davis Case Essay Example for Free

Uc-Davis Case Essay Personal statement (250 words) Your Personal Statement provides an opportunity for you to share perspectives and experiences that you believe will be most informative as the Admissions Committee evaluates your candidacy and writing ability. Before settling in the city, my family was one of those rural families struggling to make a better life. I witnessed how my uncles were forced to become migrant workers. My cousins, therefore, became left-behind children. Unconsciously, my career vision stems from those memories. Now that I grew-up from a rustic kid to a well-educated girl, I intend to exhaust myself on creating values for rural families through my business specialty. Holding this determination, I studied to the top in my major and got a 3.76 junior GPA. Also, I demonstrated great enthusiasm in leadership experiences. â€Å"Rekindle†, the organization I cofounded and lead, now has 65 members and reached over 10,000 books sales volume. We donated all our profits to the charities. After 3-year professional study, I found the access point of my career path. Small to medium-sized rural business growth is an irresistible trend in China and it increased farmers’ income by establishing the relationship between farmers and outside markets. Actually, after the crisis in 2008, 850,000 Chinese migrant workers chose to return to their hometown and set-up village or township enterprises. But, deficiencies in entrepreneurial knowledge and financial services made those businesses vulnerable and professional helps are required. Thus, setting-up a world-class, China-based cooperation providing sustainable financial services for them has become my career objective. My cooperation will dedicate to create a reproducible pattern that empowers rural families to create values and transform themselves. Post-graduate accounting study is vital to making this a reality. And I believe MPA’s program in UC-davis is a great guide. I believe that with the top-notch academic environment, UC-davis My experiences as the cofounder of â€Å"Rekindle†, the class president and the vice administer of Student Union have fully stretched my communicational skills and leadership abilities. Born to be self-disciplined and having strong self-awareness, I know what I need are a top-notch academic education and a group of people sharing the same goal with me. I believe UC-davis is uniquely equipped to guide me toward my objectives. And a business degree is about more than spreadsheets and cash-flow analysis. I believe earning a MAcc’s degree will facilitated me find a reproducible pattern that empowering the rural families keep on transforming itself. Business is about creating and capturing value, whether its for a stockholder or a stakeholder. Not all value can be monetized, though, and at the Wake Forest Schools of Business, you’ll find students who work to create value for those who have never seen a boardroom. Finding a reproducible pattern that empowering the rural families keep on transforming and creating values themselves is what I desire for.

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