Monday, September 9, 2019

The Assassination of John F. Kenny and the Conspiracy Theories Behind Research Paper

The Assassination of John F. Kenny and the Conspiracy Theories Behind his Murder - Research Paper Example As the smoke cleared and the Presidential motorcade was surrounded by the mob by scared townspeople, their emotions running amok, it was discovered that Governor Connally and James Tague, travelling suit were injured heavily trying to protect the one man sitting in the vehicle, on which everyone had their eyes upon. Jacqueline Kennedy, the First Lady was shell shocked as she heard the noise and on her right quietly fallen, lay her husband, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, fatally shot and wounded, in the heart of Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas. The political assassination of JFK, the thirty fifth President of the United States of America was a shocker to the entire global community that regarded him as one of the smartest and most influential people of all time. After many enquiries into the political situation, it has been marked as the offshoot of a criminal conspiracy possibly involving a number of groups and communities such as the CIA, the KGB, the American mafia, the Israeli government , and people like the President of the FBI at the time, J. Edgar Hoover, and the Cuban President, Fidel Castro. The official story was that Kennedy was killed at the hand of Lee Harvey Oswald who fired a shot from the corner window of the Book Depository, and was a U.S Marine who had defected to the Soviet Union. In order to understand the political motives and happenings of the events leading up to and during the assassination of President Kennedy, it is vital to first understand the terms that are being used to describe the situation. The entire event has been passed off as a political conspiracy; a conspiracy may thus be defined as â€Å"An agreement between two or more persons to combine for unlawful or subversive purpose involving plots schemes, intrigues and collusion. The group of conspirators are united in the aim of usurping or overthrowing established political power often, but not always, in secret.† Under the same, Kennedy’s death was the cause of a politic al assassination which may be defined as ‘a sudden or secretive attack to murder someone who holds a prominent position for political reasons’ (Knoepfler). It is important also to comprehend the kind of motives that each assassin might have in order for him to be convinced enough to kill someone of such great stature. Most assassins in history have been stirred by religious, political, ideological or military motives in order to kill someone who they feel do not deserve the right to live because their pleas and needs were not being heard by them. The motive or incentive for Lee Oswald Harvey being behind Kennedy’s killing was not portrayed as something that involved some sort of financial or personal gain. Despite heavy interrogation by the police, the assassin denied all the alleged accusations against him for being charged for the murder of Kennedy as well as police officer, J.D Tippit. However, it is felt by some that enough evidence exists against him. Howeve r, even before the man could be tried, he was killed by a club owner by the name of Jack Ruby. People further believed that Ruby himself was part of the same conspiracy leading to Kennedy’s death; however he denied any such allegation and further insisted on saying that he was only trying to give Mrs Kennedy a break from going to

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