Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Power and Persuation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Power and Persuation - Essay Example The employees can improve their living standards since their income is increased. Reward power increases the competitive nature of the organization and hence is a tool towards fighting competition. Reward power increases the chances of expansion in an organization and hence can lay the foundation to internationalization. Reward power also has negative effects to both the employer and the employees. Some employees use reward power to take advantage of the productivity of employees. The rewards sometimes given do not match the required output. The employees may also reduce the quality of work since they mind about the amount of output rather than the quality. This may destroy the image of an organization and in uttermost cases may lead to collapse of the business Raven, 1964). Coercion is related to reward power in that it leads to increased output. However, in coercion the employer instills fear in the employees such that their productivity is due to the fear they have for the management. Instilling fear in employees has both negative and positive effects. It benefits the parties involved in different ways. The employer benefits since the work output is increased and hence they can operate more profitably. The fact that the employees are made to fear their employer creates forced respect between them. Respect between the employer and the employees ensure that duties are carried put as per the set rules and targets. Coercion reduces the chances of many common mistakes done because of arrogance and hence an organization reduces the risk of losses. However, coercion can also lead to exploitation of the employees. An employee is impelled to work beyond the required standard in terms of time and productivity. The employees cannot complain about their rights since they fear being fired. This leads to poor working conditions, which may even lead to sickness in industries involving

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