Sunday, September 22, 2019

Mental Process Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mental Process - Research Paper Example This only happens if historical significance of the past events is considered and regarded appropriately. In this way, decision making in organization focuses on forecasts of all possible outcomes and scenarios in planning allowing for safer decisions and reduced risks. In intuition, there are different variations such as expert intuition, strategic and ordinary that varies in the rate and quality of decision-making (Duggan, 2007). Expert is the kind that allows one to make decisions rapidly from recognition, while ordinary is based on feeling, and strategic follows clear thought. Imagination in creative intelligence is quite different from intuition, in that it follows imaginative visualization of possible scenarios, unlike intuition (Innovative Thinker, 2010). In an organization, imagination allows an individual to rise above adversity, such as difficult situations and see beyond. This way, imagination determines the ability to cope for with difficult situations and the level of problem solving skills. As a result, it generates confidence that inspires others allowing for future planning. The one significant shortcoming of this mindset is that it fails to inspire focus on the immediate future. Innovation as an aspect of creative intelligence focuses on the issues at hand, by observing the evidence and calculating the possible outcomes from it (Innovative Thinker, 2010). Due to its nature in logic, it inspires mindsets that are realistic by having visible data in spite of clouding the expected goals and visions of an organization. However, this style provides substantial limitations in the decisions made due to its rigidity. This is concerning the facts and evidence presented and other unseen factors that may not be included. Innovation as a style does play a critical role in decision making by creating long-term reliability and continuous success (Lazic and Saskatoon, 2007). The last style is that of inspiration; which is based on changes in the society

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