Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Formulation Of A Theory :: Papers

Formulation Of A Theory The certain factors that influence the accuracy of estimation is mainly: Age, the time of day it is processed, gender and the style of the survey. The reason age has an affect on the accuracy of estimation, is because if the person is too young or too old the survey may not be reliable enough in order for it to be processed into a data collection sheet the reason being that they may not be suited to the imperial or metric measurement used in modern days. The young may not have learnt the imperial measures and the elderly may not be used to the correct terms. The effect, time has to getting good reliability is that the survey should be taken out at a convenient time of the day where food has been consumed properly and the people's minds are focused. The times which may be irrelevant to practice a survey is early in the morning or late at night where people may be tired. The gender may have a certain effect on the outcome of results because the males may differ in technical skills to females or it is possible that perhaps females are more capable of handling academical situations rather than males. The style of a survey may affect the result because if badly constructed questions are used, people will not answer the survey properly and will try to avoid them. An example of a badly constructed question is 'What is your age?'-This is personal. Many people will not want to answer. An example of a well constructed question is 'Which age group are you in? 0-20 21-30 31-50 etc. A questionnaire is usually put together to test a hypothesis. The hypothesis that will be used in this questionnaire is: 'Children will be able to estimate better than adults'. Method The data will be collected through a simple questionnaire. A stratified sample will be used. This is because in a stratified sample, the population that will be asked will be divided into

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