Friday, October 4, 2019

Computer supported collaborative learning Literature review

Computer supported collaborative learning - Literature review Example The emergence of new technologies in the 21st century is forcing educational institutes to work out new patterns of learning where computers can play vital roles. In order to cope with the modern world requirements Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) systems concentrate on refining, facilitating and incorporating the learning process with the support of collaborative partners (Kobbe et al, 2007). CSCL has now become an essential component of the learning environment. CSCL could be defined as a system promising innovations and tools for restructuring teaching-learning processes to prepare students for the emerging knowledge society (Stahl et al, 2006, p409). CSCL has aim to improving the process of teaching and learning through the use of modern communication technology. CSCL is an instructional technology that encourages students to learn together and jointly solve problems. It is the opposite of the traditional concept of learning where learners are solitary receivers of knowledge. CSCL ensures that students are learning in a vigorous, stimulating and socially enriched framework (Nelson and Ketelhut, 2008). CSCL technology focuses on collaborative learning support, to enhance peer interaction and working in groups; to facilitate sharing and distributing knowledge and expertise among community members. CSCL address the issues of concept learning, problem solving and designing (Ioannidou et al., 2010). The system not only functions to communicate ideas and information but also works to impart feedback on problem solving activities. The technology is based on the belief that computer supported systems can effectively work to achieve objectives which may not be possible in face-to-face communication. CSCL concentrates on refining and incorporating the learning process of collaborative partners in a technology-based environment. It allows students to

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