Thursday, August 8, 2019

Fire Protection Hydraulics and water supply Essay - 1

Fire Protection Hydraulics and water supply - Essay Example According to Edwards (2004), firefighting is an act which involves putting off destructive fires with the assistance of firefighters. Firefighting as a profession requires immense training and education for several years. A firefighter is required to demonstrate good communication skills, good judgment, mechanical aptitude, basic math skill among others. Basic mathematics has become one of the vital requirements among the fire fighters due to the various activities they carry out. For instance, fire fighters require the basic knowledge of calculating the amount of water required to suppress a fire in a closed volume. Therefore, basic mathematics plays a critical role in assisting the firefighter to decide on the amount of water required to extinguish the fire. Field fire workers and engineers are the common positions which require basic mathematics on a regular base (Edwards, 2004). Their main roles of the firefighters include: disaster management, search and rescue, fire prevention, emergency medical service and hazardous material response. However, fire fighting is a dangerous and complex act. Hence an increase need for basic mathematics.

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