Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A true leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A true leader - Essay Example A true leader is able to motivate the members of his group to not give up during tribulations. He drives them to keep on believing the power of teamwork and realize that aims and aspirations are better attained when people cooperate. Amidst hard times, a good leader is able to think and act strategically in order for the team to fight and in the end prevail. Leadership is about sacrifice and selflessness. It is not about abusing power or position so as to promote self-interest. Rather, it is about putting other people's welfare on top of one's own since this bodes well for the future of the entire team. This means that leaders think and even care more about their constituents or subordinates than themselves. For me, these qualities are best exemplified by Martin Luther King, Jr., the legendary leader of the black people's movement. Prior to his ascension as a great civic leader, King witnessed and experienced the injustices towards the black minority. Rules on separating the white people from people of color were being implemented in education, transportation and other public facilities. This made the black minority as second class citizens. In this regard, he valiantly fought for equal rights and racial integration. Through his po

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